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The Solution : What is InSea2® ?

What is InSea2® ?

InSea2® is a hot water extract that contains polyphenols, more precisely phlorotannins, derived from brown seaweeds Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp) and Fucus vesiculosus (bladder wrack). InSea2® originates from wildcrafted seaweeds and meets the highest criteria in terms of quality, purity and biological activity.

Polyphenols are known for exerting inhibitory activity on enzymes called α-amylase and α-glucosidase, responsible for the breakdown of complex dietary carbohydrates into simpler sugars such as glucose for intestinal absorption.

In a context of rising over-consumption of added sugar, InSea2® is the sole ingredient available demonstrating dual inhibition on α-amylase and α-glucosidase, hence beneficially modulating both starch and sugar digestion. InSea2® has distinctive key features that bring unique value to a product offering:

  • PROVEN: In human clinical trials, InSea2® induced a 48.3% reduction in blood glucose levels, 12.1% reduction in insulin secretion and 7.9% improvement in insulin sensitivity;
  • INNOVATIVE: Dual modulation of amylase (starch) and sucrase (table sugar);
  • UNIQUE: Converts foods from high to low glycemic index;
  • UNMET MARKET NEEDS: Targets a growing consumer base with poor blood sugar control;
  • SAFE: Excellent safety profile as demonstrated by independent animal and human data. No gastrointestinal upset or nausea;
  • FLEXIBLE: 100% natural, low dose and can be formulated in multiple delivery formats. It is free flowing, 100% soluble in water (which is very rare for a polyphenol-based product) and can be compressed;
  • STABLE: Maintains its activity following heat treatment;
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Made from 2 wild brown seaweeds and Organic-certified