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Glycemic stress control

InSea2® is a unique and natural ingredient that helps support healthy blood glucose levels and maintain optimal insulin functions by slowing down starch and sugar absorption.

Clinical studies show that InSea2® can reduce post-meal blood glucose levels by 48,3%, insulin levels by 12,1% and improve insulin sensitivity by 7,9% immediately upon the first use of the product.

In the current context of high consumption of toxic added sugars, reducing unwanted large fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin after a meal is a strong ally in maintaining long-term glycemic health.

Maintenance of blood glucose is one of the cornerstones of health. Just like oil is essential for a country’s economy, stability and prosperity, glucose homeostasis is essential for numerous body processes. Oil is obviously needed for transportation of goods and people, but when a country runs short on oil, its productivity plummets, its economy plunges, its political system is challenged and its international alliances are fragilized. For our body, breaches in glucose homeostasis have similar, broad-spectrum impacts, affecting brain, heart, kidneys, liver, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, adipose tissue, ovaries and skin. Some of these consequences may occur only after a long illness, but some others may appear surprisingly fast.

Even in absence of diabetes, large blood glucose fluctuations are generated every day by our diet, rich in added sugars. “Fluctuations” means that shortly after a high-carb meal, blood glucose will reach levels so high that glucose itself has toxic impacts on our body through glycation or by triggering oxidative stress. Glycation and oxidative stress create direct damages to DNA, proteins, and lipids. “Fluctuations” also means that high blood glucose levels generate a large insulin release that will in turn induce a steep decline in blood glucose a few hours later, reaching hypoglycemic levels. These fluctuations are responsible for the extensive consequences associated with poor blood glucose control.


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