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A certified ingredient

The quality of the science supporting InSea2® was recognized by Health Canada with two exclusive health claims (NPN 80033840):

  • Helps support healthy blood glucose levels
  • Helps reduce the glycemic index of ingested foods


InSea2® also holds several recognized certifications such as USDA and ECOCERT Organic certification and Non-GMO project validation. These certifications ensure that InSea2® meets the high-quality criteria required by the most stringent regulatory environments.

InSea2® is manufactured under strict cGMP conditions using a green, water-based process. No solvent, excipient, filler or process aid is used at any manufacturing stage. Our in-house quality system allows extensive data collection spanning the entire production cycle (from harvesting to delivery of the final ingredient) to ensure a complete traceability, quality, consistency and safety.

Self-affirmed GRAS Status

InSea2® is Generally-Recognized As Safe (GRAS) through self-affirmation for use in various food and beverage applications, such as nutritional bars, meal supplement drinks and other types of foods and beverages. To read more on the toxicological studies supporting our GRAS self-affirmation, please click here.

Starch Management

In order to evaluate the efficacy of InSea2® on blood glucose levels following a starch-rich meal, a clinical trial has been realized. Twenty-three healthy participants (11 men, 12 women) aged 19-59 years were recruited in this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study. Participants were given a source of starch (2 slices of white bread) 30 minutes after intake of 500 mg of InSea2® or placebo. Blood glucose and insulin levels were measured for 3 hours and the effect of InSea2® on the glycemic response to the test food were evaluated. After one week of washout, participants were tested again with the same methodology, but after intake of the alternate study product (cross-over design).


Table Sugar Management

The present study seeks to further investigate the α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of InSea2®. As α-glucosidase digests disaccharides like table sugar, this food has been chosen to examine this property of InSea2®. This study has been undertaken according to a randomized crossover placebo controlled design where each participant was subjected to two 50 g sucrose tolerance test in a double blind fashion. The 50 g sucrose on each occasion was provided as a lemon-flavored beverage containing InSea2® or not. Each test was separated by at least 2 weeks. Blood glucose and insulin levels were measured for 3 hours and the effect of InSea2® on the glycemic response to the test food was evaluated.


Long term glycemic health management

The two previous clinical trials confirmed the immediate benefits on glycemic health of using InSea2®. But what about long-term benefits? It is to answer this question that another randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial involving 65 disglycemic subjects has been performed over a 6-month period.



Study results show that six subjects in the InSea2® group reverted to an optimal glycemic state, with 16 others improving from IGT to IFG.

In the placebo group, a total of seven subjects deteriorated from IFG to IGT, with no subjects improving. Other parameters shown below also improved significantly in the treated group compared to placebo, indicating a strong impact of InSea2® on glycemic parameters.


Cognitive support

Fluctuations in blood sugar levels after a carbohydrate-containing meal create negative impacts on concentration, wakefulness and other cognitive skills. InSea2®, a brown seaweed extract rich in polyphenols, is known to help control post-meal blood sugar fluctuations by inhibiting enzymes involved in starch and sugar digestion. It was thus hypothesized that InSea2® could help sustain optimal brain functions in the hours after a high-carb meal. A human study (n=60) was conducted to evaluate the impacts of InSea2® taken before a meal on attention, performance and error rates occurring after a meal. Results show significant improvements in several mental parameters in the group using InSea2® compared to placebo. A significant 15% reduction in error rates was also noted when using InSea2® compared to placebo.


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