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High carb intake makes it more challenging to effectively manage weight. The good news; InSea2®can help keep blood glucose under control to facilitate reaching weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

Foods that contain high levels of added sugars generate large blood glucose fluctuations after meals. Sometimes, these fluctuations can create “windows” where blood glucose transiently dips below fasting level. Because we rely on a minimum amount of glucose in our blood for our optimal functioning, our body reacts against any dip in blood glucose by stimulating appetite.

Foods that are rich in sugars are known to support satiety (the “fullness” sensation after eating) for shorter periods of time than foods that contain more complex carbs, taking longer time to digest. As our typical diet contains over 142 lb of added sugars over a year, we mostly eat foods that have a poor capacity to support satiety. The risk over time is over-eating, with the associated impact on body weight.

By promoting an optimal blood glucose response to foods containing various forms of carbs and sugars, InSea2® is an essential component of any weight management strategy.

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